Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Astro Movie now on DVD+Blu Ray in UK

The Astro Boy movie has been released on home video formats this week in the UK. Clearly, the UK release of the film has lagged behind the North American release by several months, both theatrically and at home, but for their patience it looks like the UK buyers get a special welcomed bonus. Unlike in North America, the UK release of the Astro Boy Blu Ray comes as a Blu Ray + DVD combo pack. Or Combi-Pack as they seem to say over there. Silly Brits.

The features seem to be exactly the same as the North American release, but I must say that I like the cover artwork much better. It's more based on the final movie poster and really has that great classic Astro Boy look to it with all the other characters and funny robots around him. The composition works suprisingly well and the critic's quote isn't nearly as obtrusive.

You can see a listing for it on UK.


Conan94 said...

Apparently, it's the same slowness in my country (Australia), because I have been waiting for the release of the Astro Boy Video Game for quite some time, and according to an American source, the game was released in October 2009. But now it is June 2010, and the game still hasn't been released here.

Anonymous said...

Even though I brought the limited edition box set i still winded up buying this, and was just as excited too! XD and yes the dvd case is wonderful, from what i recall of the U.S version i prefer this case.

I don't have a blue ray dvd player, but when i do eventually get around to buying one you can be sure this'll be the first one on my list! ^____________^