Friday, December 31, 2010

The HRP-4 Robot

Check out this new example of Japanese robotics, the HRP-4.

From CNN Go:
Standing in front of previous incarnations, HRP-2 and HRP-3, the 151-centimeter, 39-kilo HRP-4 robot is part of a line of new working humanoids being developed to ease a looming labor shortage in the rapidly greying nation of Japan.

With 34 degrees of freedom in movement, including full arm articulation and simple hand moves including grasping capabilities, HRP-4 could be handy for all kinds of home jobs or factory work. He also seems light on his feet without the battery pack that Honda's Asimo needs to carry.

HRP-4 uses standard parts with a Linux core. It uses AIST's own proprietary control software on an Intel Pentium M CPU.

And here's a video of it in action.

We're getting closer!


Tawa B.H. said...

That is too cool. It's so balanced and slimmed down for a robot! More of this, Japan!

I love it when they bow. xD