Friday, January 20, 2012

About Comments

Back when I was moving and could not update AstroBoy World very often, I was getting bombarded with spam comments. There were dozens of them. I tried to delete them as soon as possible, but when I had limited access to the Internet, there wasn't much I could do about it. So, unfortunately I had to disable comments completely. It wasn't a big deal since I wasn't able to update the site at all during that time so there was nothing new to comment on, but didn't like stopping people from legitimately discussing the posts that were already here.

I definitley did not miss getting the constant stream of comment notification e-mails my phone was getting only to find it was just some automated garbage trying to sell things!

Anyway, comments are back now, so go ahead and post! The difference now is that in order to leave a comment, you have to have a Google or OpenID account. No more anonymous posters will be allowed. I was kind of annoyed at all the anonymous posting going on anyway, especially when there would be more than one Anon in the same blog entry and nobody knew who was talking. So please get yourself set up with an account and use it to share your thoughts!