Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crazy Astro Font

I found this image of a really strange Astro Boy themed premium typeface a few weeks ago. It came from some kind of marketing exhibition in Japan. These letters are... unique, to say the least.

I bet that someone will have some fun with this font when it's made available, but I'm not sure that I'd ever really want to read anything longer than 2 or 3 words looking this way.

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It's Tezuka Day!

Hey, it sure has been a while, huh? Well, I moved to a new city and thus have been busy with other things, but I'm looking to devote some time back into this site, starting now with this incredible fan movement.

Tezuka Day was created by some anime fans in Brazil, who upon discussion of Osamu Tezuka on his birthday in November, decided to set aside a day to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions that Tezuka made towards the world of anime and manga. The day was chosen simply to give enough time to research, and just about every anime website and blog in Brazil has gotten on board. Now it's spreading all across the world via Twitter.

The purpose of Tezuka Day is to make fans aware of how important and significant Osamu Tezuka has been to the development of anime and manga. Many people claim to be anime fans, yet know little about who Osamu Tezuka was and what he did. So let's change that! Brazil has got the right idea, but everyone can join in on the fun, help spread the word, and get the whole planet hooked on Tezuka!

Some great great resources to start out with are, which has posted an excellent summary of Osamu Tezuka's life, Helen McCarthy's Tezuka Day blog post, and's listing of 17 Tezuka manga published in English.

So take some time out to tell a friend, watch some anime, read some comics, and pay homage to the God of Manga. Of course, for people like me, every day is Tezuka Day!

Tezuka Day by ~MrAnyone on deviantART

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