Thursday, May 1, 2008

iGoogle. Do you?

The previously discussed Osamu Tezuka Theme for iGoogle is available to international users.

Here's my personal iGoogle set up. You can see the a screen in which seemingly random Tezuka characters appear. In this case, Black Jack!

There are also several Tezuka themed gadgets to adorn your personal iGoogle page, including an Astro clock and Kimba calendar. There's an "AstroBoy News" gadget as well, but it's only in Japanese. Take a look at the full list and set up an iGoogle for yourself. It's very easy.

To see the latest updates from AstroBoy World, on your iGoogle, just go to "Add Stuff", then click "Add feed or gadget", and then enter "". Your iGoogle page will then have direct links to the latest AstroBoy World posts.

You can even add the AstroBoy vs One Bad Storm game and more anime related content to customize a fun and convenient site that makes for a great start page for your browser.


Raisedbywolves said...

Hi. I didn't really know alot about Tezuka Osamu before I got the Igoogle theme, but I love it so much. I write this because I noticed while veiwing my home page at 9:00pm EST the little T.V. screen said 2008,11,03. I tried to access the site but it's password protected. Any clue what he has in store?

Ninjatron said...

Looks like the answer is here!
Will be posting more about this later. Looks very exciting!