Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nicolas Un-Caged

The media giants over at IGN have a new report on a conference call with Nicolas Cage, the world famous actor who is cast as the voice of Dr. Tenma in the upcoming Astro Boy animated movie from Imagi. Currently, Mr. Cage is promoting the film "Bangkok Dangerous". Among the multitude of subjects covered during the call (a conversation with Nic Cage is going to go in all sorts of different directions anyway), he does discuss his Astro Boy role and has this to say about the project:

"I play the mad scientist father who creates Astro Boy and it is an animated movie. Astro Boy was just one of those marvelous, iconic cartoon characters that I grew up with and fell in love with because the character is so endearing and yet so powerful. And it was kind of a science fiction version of Pinocchio, which was always a story that my father liked and told me when I was a boy. So it seemed to be a good match."
So there it is then. As expected and from his own words, Nicolas Cage is an Astro Boy fan.

He is also Ghost Rider, and Ghost Rider is awesome. But you all knew that already.

You can find the entire article on IGN to see what other zany topics Nicolas Cage talks about.


Anonymous said...

woah! nicolas cage! really good news!

no set date for the movie yet right?

Ninjatron said...

No exact date yet, just Fall 2009.