Sunday, November 9, 2008

Osamu Tezuka's works to be available online... FOR FREE!

Not too long ago I got a comment from a reader named Paul, who found a website called "", but it was not accessible at the time. He asked if I knew anything about it. Well, now we know the answer, and it's one of the biggest, most epic pieces of news in the history of anime and manga fandom on the internet.

Throughout the course of the next 3 years, over 100 anime titles and 700 manga titles created by Osamu Tezuka and produced before the year 2000 will be made available online, for free.

Holy smokes! That's going to be a lot of stuff! Check out this screen shot!

Right now, the full site is available only in Japanese, with just some basic info about Tezuka's published works available in countries outside Japan. But, apparently, there will eventually be an English site, as well a a Korean one.

If this pans out like it's supposed to, then it'll pretty much be a godsend. Tezuka is the greatest, most influential, and most important figure in the entire history of anime and manga, yet most of the new generation of anime fans hardly know anything about him. To an extent, one can't blame them for that, because so little of his material has been made available in English over the past several years. But soon there will be no excuse, because everyone will have access to it!

Check out Anime News Network for the full story and stay tuned to AstroBoy World for more on this story as it develops.