Monday, December 22, 2008

Fred Ladd has the Right Stuf(f)

The Anime Today Podcast from has an incredible interview with the Grandfather of Astro Boy, Mr. Fred Ladd. In it he talks about his upcoming book, the Kimba/Lion King controversy, the live action Speed Racer movie, the upcoming CG animated Astro Boy movie, and much more. It's one of those interviews where you wish it would just go on and on, because everything in it is solid gold.

Make sure you listen to it right here. I totally recommend that all fans check this out.

Some interesting news may have come out of this interview. Fred has been in contact with people at Imagi, and one of the things he talks about is that they asked him about the theme song. That would imply, at least possibly, that the 60's version of the English Astro Boy theme song might just be in the film!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for pointing this out. It was fantastic to hear from one of the most influential men in anime's introduction to the west.

I didn't know the story of Astro's love, death and sacrifice, and it sounded so tragic and poetic.