Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekly Osamu Tezuka

Here is a very cool announcement thanks to Anime News Network!

The Japanese public broadcaster NHK will launch a new television program
called Weekly Osamu Tezuka on April 10. The program will remake 19 works from Osamu Tezuka, the late manga pioneer and creator of Mighty Atom/Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor/Kimba the White Lion, Black Jack, Phoenix, and countless other characters. The 19 works will represent Tezuka's entire career — from his earliest classics to the works that were posthumously published. Despite the television program's name, only three works will actually air every month.
Wow! This is big! I wonder what stories will be a part of this program. The possibilities are endless. There is no telling how we in the English-speaking world will be able to see it, but I'll be keeping an eye on how it develops.


Anonymous said...

I saw this on ANN too. I think many of Tezuka Osamu's works have the potential to be adapted and reinterpreted in similar ways as the plays of Shakespeare have been for so long. He was so prolific and influential in his respective medium (Tezuka that is) and created so many memorable characters and themes that his works have only grown in popularity despite him no longer being with us.