Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Astro. Now let's get CAKE!

April 7th, 2003 is officially recognized as the day when Astro Boy was first activated by Dr. Tenma. That would make him 6 years old today!

You know what that means, don't you?

That means cake!

Last year at around this time I scoured the net looking for images of Astro Boy themed cakes. I can't believe it, but I actually found even more this year in preparation for today. Click the link below to read on and take a look at the wide and often hilarious assortment of Astro-cakes!

Here's a wider shot of the cake with the Astro decoration seen in the image above.

Many more pictures found here.

A simple but well done cake of Astro's face.

Found here.

Now THIS is an Astro-cake! Awesome job, and the space-background is a nice touch!

Found here.

These ones though, not so much. The plastic Astro figures are cool and all, but they're just standing on a blank cake. And what's the deal with the piles of green goo?

Found here.

Now this just might be an ordinary cake, but the clear chibi Astro and the addition of the Uran figure at the top makes it extra special!

Found here.

Why hello there. Just waking up, are we? This one just might be the best realized figural Astro cake I've seen.

Found here.

Cupcakes are cakes too! Tiny cakes.

Found here.

Now this is a very creative and highly detailed cake that features Astro and Uran hanging out with some... fruits and vegetables for some reason. Are all of those things baked into the cake?

Found here.

And finally, I'm just not sure that I could ever bring myself to bite into these tiny little works of art. Astro and Uran cupcakes!

Found here.

I'm pretty sure I've found every Astro Boy cake on the Internet right now. Will I be able to to a feature like this again next year? There's only one way to make sure, and that's for all of you to get baking!


Andrew said...

Happy Birthday Astro! To celebrate I'm watching my DVD's of the most recent animated series. :D

Nice cakes btw. Wow. :]

Feliza said...

Hullo, I doubt you found alllll the Astroboy bday bakes on the internet yet!!!

I am a huge fan of Astroboy, and I have seen more. Will blog/show you pictures next time! =)