Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Astro Movie-Buzz

Trendhunter Magazine and Clevver TV have recently given the upcoming Astro Boy animated movie some attention. There's nothing really new here but it's cool to see a bit of mainstream coverage of the film months before the real hype machine will likely start rolling.

Trendhunter has this to say about the Astro movie posters.

Blasting off on October 23, 2009, Astroboy (the movie) is coming to a theatre near you.

Created in 1952 by Osamu Tezuka, and later becoming a Japanese TV show in 1963, Astroboy is considered by some to be the first anime.

These ambiguous movie posters were a great idea because there are generations of people who are familiar with the character. We all know who he is!
And here is a video from Clevver.


Manetoys said...

Wow, look at all the negative comments on that video. 'Course, after Speed Racer and Dragonball, can't say I fully blame them. But I remain hopeful on this one

Anonymous said...

iv bin an atom aka astro boy fan
sins 1963 & meat tezuka osama in 1983,
this is and most likely will be the movie of 2009,
no dout that there will be a 2nd
3rd and many more to fallow.
if your into advancher and the realy
1st true acsion hero then look no futhere,
i only wish thay had keped astros
origanal look like in the 60s and most resontly the 2003 tv & movie
japan shorts but im shower when this 1st one is a mega hit that origanal japan look will retern,
im so looking to see & get the dvd
on this astro boy movie from the us @ the one from tokyo japan,
hold on the beast is comeing!
long live ATOM!