Sunday, November 22, 2009

Free Astro Boy Comic on PSP

If you own a Playstation Portable, you may find this interesting. By using a special code, you can get a free issue of the Astro Boy movie adaptation comic by IDW for the PSP Digital comics reader. The code is:

The code should be valid for awhile and there is no apparent limit on how many people can take advantage of this cool offer. Try it out and post a comment to let everyone know how it works! Did I mention it was free?

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle


Anonymous said...

This is a bit off-topic, (well, totally off-topic, but bear with me) but I saw the movie for the 3rd time today, and it just kills me that it isn't doing better at the box office. I really didn't have high expectations when I saw it the first time...but holy crap I fell in love with it!!!! I can't wait to get the DVD (I suppose it's way too early to know when it's coming out?) Because the movie hasn't been a success, we aren't going to get a sequel, are we? Damn! I'd love to see more of Astro and his world, see him fight new battles, see how his relationship with Cora works out, see more of Trashcan the Dog (he's waaayyy funnier than Dug in "Up" in my opinion). What a shame that such a great character and so much creativity on the part of Imagi is going unnoticed. I hope that the movie does great when it arrives in England and other countries next year. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Oh, as for the PSP comic, I don't own a PSP...but I'm thinking of getting one now...