Monday, December 14, 2009

Lay Offs at Imagi

Very unfortunate news out of Imagi Studios in Hong Kong.

100 out of the 400 member staff have been laid off, most of which were animators. Anime News Network has the story, and Imagi's own Felix Ip mentions it in a recent blog post.

What Imagi has been trying to do, as evident by TMNT and the Astro Boy movie, is very ambitious. They are going against the grain and making action-packed animated features with superhero themes. It will take awhile for the tide of public opinion from the general movie-going audience to turn and start embracing these kinds of films as much as they seem to like the latest Shrek-derived animated comedies that become so popular. But I believe that it is important to find a way to make it work.

My thoughts are with the employees effected. They are a talented bunch at Imagi and I am sure those who are now gone from the company will land on their feet. To those who remain, I implore you all to not lose your momentum and keep fighting the good fight!


Robert Ring said...

This is pretty sad for the Imagi guys (and girls). Whatever your opinion of their movies, there's almost no arguing that they put %110 into their films.

I agree with you, though, Ninjatron. I'm sure these animators will land on their feet. They're obviously a talented bunch,

Shaun said...

Sad news indeed, but the people at IMAGI are tremendous people, and hopefully those laid off and the company itself have a bright future, even with some bumps along the way. I can't thank them enough for Astro Boy, and I enjoyed TMNT immensely as well. Keep on keeping on, IMAGI - I want to see more from you!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the Astro Boy movie, and I'm saddened by this news. It's the Iron Giant all over again. Hopefully it WILL make its money back overseas and on DVD. I would love love LOVE a sequel...