Thursday, January 28, 2010

Imagi Closes LA Office

Some unfortunate news coming out of Imagi, the Hong Kong based animation studio responsible for the Astro Boy movie. has the full story. Here's a quote.
"Imagi International Holdings Ltd (OTCBB: IINHY, IINHY message board) has announced large scale review of operations which has mostly negative effect towards the staff.

The company has cut off their US subsidiaries from any funding, the working contracts for 30 employees were terminated and the Los Angeles based office closed. The company was left with only a few important staff members being utilized as consultants and has transferred the functions of the closed office to other contractors."
Very sad to hear that the US office is closed, and my best wishes go out to those who are effected. That said, Imagi has had some tough times and is still resolved to staying active and completing their Gatchaman movie, so perhaps this will wind up being the best solution for now. By the looks of things they will still retain some sort of presence in LA.

Imagi has updated their website recently, with a new logo and a very sharp new design. Let's all hope for an equally revitalized company this new year!

More information can be found thanks to Anime News Network.


Anonymous said...

Imagi can be proud of its work on Astro Boy. That movie blew me away, and has found a place in my heart that no other recent animated film has claimed. I think the problem was that there was an assumption that the name of Astro Boy would register with enough people to bring them to the theaters. Sadly, Astro hasn't been in the public consciousness for some time now (certainly not the way other nostalgic properties, such as the Chipmunks, have), and Summit Entertainment did nothing to help re-establish and pay homage to the character in its advertising. The trailers were terrible. They did nothing to entice me to the theater; I went DESPITE them.

Anyway, I think that Astro Boy will be better appreciated on DVD and Blu-Ray. I really regret, though, that there's no chance of a sequel. I would love to see more of Imagi's version of Astro; it really brought him to dazzling life. It'd rock if a TV series came from the film...

Anonymous said...

Now just because the movie bombed in America doesn't mean there is no chance for a sequel. The movie hasn't premered in the UK yet, if it does well there they may be able to get the money back. But, I do agree with you that there needs to be a continuation of the movie universe.