Thursday, April 29, 2010

Four Funny Fella Figures

Found these awesome guys on eBay awhile back and had to save a picture to share here. Figures of Ham Egg, Ban Shunsaku, Lamp, and Dr. Ochanomizu, each sharply dressed in their suits. Pretty rare to find much of any sort of merchandise based on the Astro Boy/Tezuka supporting cast, let alone in a group like this. I don't have any other information about where they are from or what they are made of. One has to wonder if there are any more figures in this range!


Anonymous said...

The Figures are made by the Japanese company Billiken.

They have released Many Astroboy figures over the years including the Tin Wind Ups that are on e-Bay often.

There latest Vinyl Figure was of the Villian Atlas.
I think he was about 18 Inches tall.
He also came with an in scale Astro figure.

Billiken does have a website.

ULTRAMAN said...

I love Tezuka Osamu all characters ~