Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best Cosplay Ever?

Anime North was great this past weekend. My panels were well attended and went smoothly. But one of the highlights for me was seeing this youngster cosplaying as Astro Boy. He's 3 years old and was quite enthusiastic to show his lasers. Pew Pew Pew! Too cute.

I think it's amazing that the first important anime character for everyone can be, even all these decades later, the first important anime character for anyone.

I asked his family if it would be OK to show pictures here on ABW so hopefully they will be happy to see this. This is one awesome kid who has an awesome family too.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Astro Boys mom, I'm so happy that you posted the pictures, they turned out great. :D

Manetoys said...


MangaBottle said...

I'm probably gonna get shot for saying this, but... KAWAII!!!