Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Imagi Selling CGI Models

A collection of 3D digital objects made by Imagi for their animated works, including TMNT and Astro Boy, can now be purchased for use by other studios and animators. You can see Dr. Tenma's books, Toby's hat, and some futuristic buildings as part of the examples shown. These are just general items, things like props and buildings, not copyrighted characters.
From what I understand, this is not an unusual thing. It saves time and money to use 3D resources that have already been made over developing them from scratch. It would be quiet interesting to see if anything distinctive from the Astro Boy movie ever shows up in another film.

See the entire CG Model Library here.


felix ip said...

OMG!! What's wrong with them? Who are gonna to buy this model?

Anonymous said...

Actually, in "real-life" movies, props are often re-used in other productions. Dorothy's basket and the Witch's hourglass from The Wizard of Oz later turned up in other MGM films. Even the tornado was re-used in the film Cabin in the Sky!

*sigh* I still feel bad for Imagi, and for the Astro Boy was sooooo good. I can watch it on my Roku now, and it's one of the very few movies I've come across that viewers have actually given 5 stars! (Not even the Wizard of Oz got 5!) GO Astro!