Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Black Jack OVA #11?!

Somehow, this amazing news had totally slipped by me until now!

The Black Jack OVA, directed by the legendary Osamu Dezaki who unfortunately passed away recently, is getting one more volume. The first volume was released in Japan in 1993, and this new is coming more than 10 years after the 10th volume, which was released in 2000.

The original voice actors for Black Jack and Pinoko are returning, and apparently did a live video stream of a recording session on May 14th.

And now I am reading that not only will there be this 11th new episode, but a 12th one as well. An amazing final gift from the great Osamu Dezaki. You can read more (in Japanese) here.

No word on any English-language release yet, of course. The previous 10 volumes were released on region 1 DVD by the now defunct Central Park Media and it's now likely harder to find a complete set. You can download subtitled episodes from Tezuka Productions on iTunes.

Source: Anime News Network.


F-Man said...

This is Tezuka Pro's chance to realize the common sense there would be in pushing their home video distributor for the series to include English subtitles on the Japanese Blu-ray Discs (Japan and North America share the same Blu-ray region). Some studios already do it, and it would make a lot of sense for Tezuka Productions to do it always considering the rarity of their anime here.

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