Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don Dracula, Leo, Melmo, & more now on Viki.

Not too long ago I reported on, the free streaming site that presents international video with crowd sourced subtitles. They had added 80's Astro Boy and Black Jack anime to their service, and it looks like they are not stopping there!

Another huge batch of classic Tezuka anime has been added to Viki, and there is an incredible selection! Not everything is available with English subtitles yet, but you can now watch the following list anime from Tezuka Productions.
All of this is 100% free and legal!

(The Ambassador Magma anime is not very good, but hey, it's the thought that counts!)

Let's hope that the streaming rights for more shows can be acquired and that the offerings continue to expand. Princess Knight would be a fantastic addition. Let them know what else you want to see!


F-Man said...

More people should show their appreciation!