Sunday, March 2, 2008

Animated Movie Image Gallery

This post will collect as many images related to the CGI Animated AstroBoy movie as possible. It will be updated with new images as they appear, leading up to the time of the film's release.

Understand that at this point, these images may not be what the final film ends up looking like. This is just to conveniently gather all the pictures out there together in one place. As time goes on we'll be able to see how the film visually evolves.

Please do not hotlink these images on any other websites. You're free to download them and host them on your own server, but don't just copy the URL. You'll just get an anti-hotlink image from my own personal website, and thus embarrass us both. Link to this page if you want to share these images. Don't just link to the image files themselves. It won't work.

Click the thumbnails to view the full size images.

From Imagi's website.

1st full image.

Early Poster

Concept art.
Concept art

These images are segments of an interview with Colin Brady that was available to read on Imagi's website at one point. There are some images of concept art here. Colin Brady has since been replaced as director by David Bowers, and this interview is no longer accessible from Imagi's site. I'm posting these images for the sake of posterity.

Colin Brady Interview
Colin Brady Interview
Colin Brady Interview

For Imagi's job fair in Hong Kong.
Job Fair ad

This next one is, in my opinion, the greatest picture of all time.
Job Fair ad with TMNT

An early 3D model on the cover of Pipeline Magazine, Imagi's internal newsletter.


This next batch of images most likely come from Imagi's booths at US anime conventions in the summer of 2008, but I do not have any actual details. I am simply presenting them as is without speculating over what they are or if they represent the final look of the film.

Full 1

Full 2