Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stan The Man

Big news out of Japan is that a brand new manga anthology magazine will feature a collaboration between "Shaman King" creator Hiroyuki Takei and American comic book legend Stan Lee. This is, of course, very cool news, but not entirely unprecedented. Japanese pop culture and American comics have been tied together many times, from the Live Action Spider-man TV series in the 70's, Kia Asamiya's work on X-Men and his Batman manga, the upcoming Batman Gotham Knight direct to video release, and the recent Witchblade anime, to name a few instances.

In that spirit, here's a great picture of Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan meeting Osamu Tezuka! Talk about a meeting of the minds! Pretty amazing to know that they actually met.

And for good measure, here's another one of Stan and Gene meeting the awesome Go Nagai, creator of Devilman, Cutie Honey, and Mazinger Z!

These pictures come from a 1978 issue of "Foom!", apparently an in-house fan magazine from Marvel Comics. I found them on Dave Merril's blog. Hope he doesn't mind me using them here.