Monday, April 21, 2008

Swallowing the Earth

Another Tezuka manga is on it's way to an official English translation!

Digital Manga Publishing will be releasing "Swallowing the Earth", which is one of Tezuka's first series created for older audiences and contain mature themes. It's about 7 identical girls who are out to get revenge on the entire male gender. Sounds like heavy stuff!

No further information on publishing details or release date just yet.

Kudos to DMP for taking a big risk and bringing out this old, obscure, and likely challenging title. It's just awesome to see companies who aren't just interested in publishing new manga, but are also bringing out worthwhile material that was originally published in Japan decades ago.

As a side note, DMP is also releasing the original Speed Racer/Mach Go Go manga. Way to represent old school manga!

Source: Anime News Network