Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Time for CAKE

What's a birthday without cake, right? To celebrate the birthday of Astro Boy yesterday, I took a look around the net to see if I could find some Astro-themed cakes. To the right is an officially licensed cake topper based on the 2003 anime series, and it may still be available. But some folks have used their own creativity to make some really unique cakes featuring Astro Boy. Read on to take a look at them all.

Here's a great looking cake made for the 40th anniversary of the English premiere of the original Astro Boy anime. Fred Ladd himself was on hand for this feast.
Found here.

Nice subtle effect used on this cake.
Found here.

Astro looks suprised to be standing on this cake. He doesn't look thrilled with the idea of being eaten.
Found here.

Hopefully, Natasha really likes Astro Boy. Otherwise this cake would be pretty awkward.
Found here.

Gotta love the effort put into this one!
Found here.

Now this is impressive! Character portraits and a background and everything. It's so cute that it looks like it'll give you a tooth ache before you even bite into it.
Found here.

That's all the cake I can handle for now, but if you ever find anymore AstroBoy cakes, or bake one yourself, send me the links and I'll do a follow up post. And if anyone would like to bake an Astro cake for me, please understand that you are more than welcome to do so and that I like both chocolate and vanilla.


Nilk said...

Just thought you might like to see the cake my housemate made for my daughter.



nilk. :)