Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Astro Boy Wrestles Spider-man!

For the past few years, the Anime North convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has hosted a live wrestling show. This show features up-and-comers, local performers, freelance stars, and costumed wrestlers dressed as characters from anime, comics, video games, and so on. It's a fun exposition that makes the convention unique, and the crowd really gets into it. Characters in previous years have included Vegeta, The Guyver, Superman, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Team Rocket, and Power Rangers. Our champion is Elmo!

Anime North 2008 was this past weekend, May 23rd-25th. I was there, and I witnessed something truly remarkable.

I saw Spider-man wrestle against Astro Boy. And Spider-man was the villain!

Well, ok, not really. Astro was really just a wrestler wearing black trunks and red boot covers, and Spider-man was wearing a strange red and black costume. It was just a fun way to get a crowd of anime fans into the match. But the wrestler performing as Astro did run around with his fist out to simulate flying, so props for getting the character down!

I recorded it as best as I could, just using my digital camera's movie feature which couldn't do more than 15 seconds at a time. This is the first time I've ever edited a video like this, but this is so crazy that I just had to put forth the effort. Here it is!

Clearly, this match was not sanctioned by any governing bodies in the world of comics and anime, but it's fun all the same. Hope you enjoyed it.


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