Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tank Boy

With thanks once again to Fauna for tracking this item down on eBay, get a load of this bizarre piece of Astro Boy merchandise from the days of yore.

Pretty weird, huh? Clearly it's just a generic tank toy with an Astro head and unique paint deco applied. This sort of stuff happens in the toy business all the time, though in this case it's particularly strange. Let's face it, Astro is stronger than any tank, so why would he need to drive one? Kind of redundant, really. Makes about as much sense as the toy I once saw of Silver Surfer riding a motorcycle.


Anonymous said...

awsome tank!!

Mick - Australia said...

I had this toy in the 60s, probably around 1968. I used to pop the head off and use just the tank body in mock battles with my toy soldiers.

Thanks for the memory :-)