Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Astro Statue loves the Earth.

Here is a very cool story coming out of the Ikeda Elementary School in Ikeda City, Osaka, Japan. This is the school that Osamu Tezuka attended as a child. To honor him, the school has unveiled a new statue of Astro Boy embracing the world. Perfectly exhibiting Tezuka's philosophies toward life, the statue has an English inscription that says "I love the earth and all creatures on it". A plaque on the base of the statue reads "I love all living things that inhabit this earth. I want to take care of life. I want to bequeath this love to the next generation." This statue commemorates both the 100th anniversary of the school on November 1st, as well as the 80th anniversary of Tezuka's birthday on November 3rd.

Click the image below for a huge picture of the statue.

And here is a picture of what looks like a library table, featuring the Phoenix.

Source: Anime News Network - Sankei Sports