Friday, October 24, 2008

One Year From Now!

As of yesterday, We are one year away from the current release date for the upcoming animated Astro Boy movie from Imagi. Are you excited yet?

To celebrate, I made a special custom countdown clock, ticking away every last second until October 23rd, 2009 finally arrives. You can add this widget to your own blog or website thanks to Spring Widgets by clicking this link.

Once the movie has been out for awhile I'll probably replace this with a counter to the home video release, whenever that is.

Imagi's own Felix Ip posts on his blog that a party was recently held to celebrate 50% completion of the Astro Boy movie's total pre-production. Here's a photo:

Looks like fun! What sort of secrets can be found in there? Check out Felix's post here. Hey, how about inviting me next time?


felix ip said...

your astroboy counter down clock is really cool!