Saturday, May 2, 2009

More on a Potential Pluto Movie

Back in Feburary I posted an article about Naoki Urasawa, the notable manga artist behind the re-imagined Astro Boy story "Pluto". In the article, the possibility of a Pluto movie is brought up.

Cristoph Mark, the original writer of the article, has stopped by AstroBoy World to deliver some more insight into what he knows about this potential film project.

Hi, I'm the writer of the original story. I don't know why I didn't include this in the original article, but Urasawa and Nagasaki both said the Hollywood version of Pluto would be live-action, not animated. There are also a few Japanese companies looking at it for different kinds of releases, but the Hollywood take on Pluto was something I thought we should all hope for...
So there you have it. The current plan is that if a Pluto movie is made, and if that movie is developed through the Hollywood system, then it will be a live action movie. However, the possibility also exists that Japanese companies are looking into doing something as well. It will be exciting to see just what ends up happening with it!

Big time thanks go out to Cris for visiting the site and sharing this great bit of info with us!


Andrew said...

I am really loving Pluto as a series so far. I'd love to see a film adpation. Hope something comes of this.