Monday, May 4, 2009

Scary Astro Statues!

Yet another set of oddities dug up on eBay and discovered via the Astroboy Online Forums. These bizarre, creepy Astro Boy statues are certainly not licensed products and are likely to give you nightmares! But, hey, kudos to creativity, I guess.

This first one has got some kind of Tim Burton-esque Nightmare Before Christmas thing going on. Freaky. Click the images for a larger view.

And then this one is some kind of weird cyborg thing. I don't know.

Both of these eBay auctions ended without any bids. Go figure, right? I am not posting links, but if you're interested, try to find them yourself. Just don't complain if you buy one and it swallows your soul.


Anonymous said...

Sold by some China dude

Al said...

Yeesh! That is creepy.

J. said...

cool art man where did ya find it?