Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yet More Astro Game info: Who is Player 2?

The fallout from E3 is still in effect. Siliconera brings us their impressions on the Astro Boy video game, set for release this fall from D3 Publisher and based on the upcoming animated film by Imagi. There is some clarification on how the different ground and air modes will play like, and confirmation that the classic GameBoy Advance game "Astro Boy: Omega Factor" is in an influence on this new game. Some light is shed on the 2 player mode as well.

Here are the highlights.

“Omega Factor was a big influence,” a developer explained. He also cited Ikaruga and Einhander as other games that the team examined when planning Astro Boy: The Video Game. In the air Astro blasts mechs with his finger laser. On the ground Astro has his butt machine gun. I mostly saw the sky stages where enemies flew at Astro in patterns that reminded me of Gradius.

D3’s game also has a cooperative two player mode. Instead of making player two Uran or Astro’s doofus brother Cobalt, both players control Astro. So, I guess one player gets Astro’s long lost clone brother.

So, by the sounds of this, it looks like there will be two Astros in this game. It's probably best not to think about the logistics of that.

Read "D3’s Astro Boy Game Inspired By Omega Factor" on Siliconera.

In other news, D3 Publisher now has a small Astro Boy section on their website.


Fauna said...

If this were fortified with logic, both Astros would explode, thanks to science.

Manetoys said...

Actually, it sounds to me like it may be that you're both controlling the same Astro. Like maybe one controls his flight and the other controls his fighting. Like in Katamari Damacy where one can control the left and right controls, and the other controls the forward controls.

Ninjatron said...

2 players controlling 1 Astro is also a possibility going from what that text says. It does say "Astro's long lost clone brother", but perhaps the original writer understood it wrong. It could be something like Super Mario Galaxy's 2 player mode. We'll just have to wait for more clarification. I'll look into it.