Friday, September 18, 2009

Astro Movie Marketing Hits Japan in Big Way!

With much thanks once again to Imagi's own Felix Ip, take a look at how the upcoming animated Astro Boy movie is making its mark in the character's home country of Japan.

There's just something so uniquely Japanese about this photo! You can find many more pictures like this on Felix's blog.

Also, the Japanese Atom movie website has been updated, and there's plenty of cool stuff to be found if you can navigate through the Japanese text.

I suppose I should say something clever about how the Japanese marketing campaign seems to be mostly focused on shirtless Astro while the North American market mostly showcases fully clothed Astro, but honestly that's what I expected from the get-go so I don't find that particularly remarkable. Wherever the character is more well known, he'll be shown more often in his classic appearance.