Monday, September 14, 2009

David Bowers talks Butt-Guns with AICN

Thanks to the unforgiving, unforgetting Anonymous for alerting me to this additional Astro Boy movie coverage from Ain't It Cool News, this one being an interview with director David Bowers.

Here's a quote about how Astro and his futuristic setting were updated, or as the case may be, not changed much at all!

We updated the look of the city and the technology of course, because things have come a long way since the 1950s. I think the thing we wanted to be really sure of keeping was the look of Astro Boy and the powers that he has. When I started the movie, I was working with a lot of crew and people say “Well, Astro Boy has X-ray vision and special hearing and this and that, and he’s got a butt machine gun, but of course, we won’t be doing those.” And I said, “You can absolutely bet your life we will be doing that. That’s the best thing ever. Are you kidding?”
And this little bit that I hadn't heard before amuses me greatly.
These two robots, they are really keen to get Astro on their side, because what they want more than anything is to do something really horrible and terrifying to force humans to free all robots, but unfortunately they are subject to the laws of robotics, so all they can do is write angry letters to newspaper editors or tickle people, but at the same time they are really militant about it. They are kind of crazy and silly, so there’s a lot of fun new stuff.
Probably not Blue Knight material, but they sound pretty hilarious all the same!

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