Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Anime Injustice Gang

When I first debuted my artwork of the Justice League of Anime, which features a team comprised of classic characters of Japanese animation such as Astro Boy filling in for the original DC comic book super heroes, there was not only a huge positive response, but also a large demand for me to do the same with the Injustice Gang, a team of villains that would oppose the League.

After one full year of soliciting suggestions and researching on my own, I finally assembled a team of bad guys to oppose my Anime Justice League and finished the artwork last month. Of course, I knew I wanted to use an Osamu Tezuka villain, and while there were a few choices to work with, I could think of no better evil mastermind to take over the Lex Luthor spot than the dastardly fellow you see front and center in the image below.

ANIME INJUSTICE GANG ATTACKS by ~ninjatron on deviantART

That's right, Rock Holmes leads this chaotic cavalcade of villainy, comprised of Vicious, Doronjo, Hakaider, Toguro, Cell, and Ruby Moon. Take a look at it on deviantART for a full detailed description with more information on each of these characters.



felix ip said...

This is cool, Ninjatron.

FelipeOnodera said...

Rock is really a perfect choice! But what version of Rock is this? Seens like Makube Rock of Vampires for me, and that´s my favorite encarnation of the Character. There´s a similar one in Alabaster, but he´s much more a prototype of Yuki from MW than the same Psychopathy from the Vampires.

Ninjatron said...


Design wise, this is clearly Rock from Astro Boy 2003. As far as the story goes, this version of Rock would be a unique one that pulled the most important character aspects from the different versions, much like his appearance in Astro Boy 2003 was handled.

My Justice League universe combines everything together to make something new. Perhaps Rock got his psychic powers from being experimented on by the Black Ghost organization!


Anonymous said...