Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kid Trapped in Cup Holder. Panic Ensues.

Tragedy struck a screening of the Astro Boy movie in the UK as a young boy gets his arm stuck in a theater seat's cup holder. Kent Online has the story.
A boy had to be freed by firefighters after getting his arm stuck in his cinema seat.

The seven-year-old, who has not been named, was watching Astro Boy at the Cineworld cinema in Medway Valley Park, on Saturday, when he got his arm wedged in the cup holder attached to his seat.

He was watching the film with his neighbour and their children and got stuck around halfway through the film - but didn't tell anyone about his predicament until the credits started to roll.

A member of cinema staff found some baby oil and greased the boy's arm to try to ease it out, but firefighters had to be called in to cut him free.

A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: "It was an unusual job. While we were talking to him he revealed that he'd got it stuck halfway through the film, but didn't tell anyone as he thought he'd be able to get his arm out by the end of the movie and didn't want to get into any trouble.

"His arm was stuck right in the holder up to his bicep."
Concerned director David Bowers had this to say on his Twitter page regarding the unfortunate incident.
"Was it really worth reporting?"
It is now, buddy!

I hope the kid liked the movie anyway. Looks to me that he didn't realize it had happened as he was so engrossed in watching the film. Bet he wishes he had an arm cannon like Astro does.

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Robert Ring said...

Haha. Love the graphic, Ninjatron. It's like an Astro Boy public service announcement.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, great graphic. Astro Boy to the rescue, defending a hapless public against fiendish movie seat cup holders everywhere!

Unknown said...

I can imagine that kid 'uh oh, my arms stuck...*eats popcorn* ah well'

Still he must've enjoyed the film not to say anything until the end lol

Francesco said...

Shame on the director, who failed the very spirit of our hero by doing a comment like that. No doubt Atom would have not complained at all.
And "bravo!" to this kid for being cool in such awkward situation.