Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Classic Anime to become CG Movies!

Wow! This is huge news!

Powerhouse anime studio Toei has announced plans for 2 CG animated feature films based on some very famous Japanese anime franchises. They are the super robot Daikuu Maryuu Gaiking, and the esteemed individual at the right, Space Pirate Captain Harlock!

Only two words sum up this preliminary image of Captain Harlock: Absolutely Badass! You can see more of Harlock here along with the awesome Gaiking here and the original news here all thanks to Anime News Network.

They are shooting for a wide release including North America and Europe as well as Asia, and are hoping for these projects to spark new life into the anime business. More info will be available at this week's Tokyo International Anime Fair, where the short pilot films will debut to drum up interest.

While this is pretty much unrelated to the Astro Boy movie, as I doubt that film had anything to do with the decision to make these characters into movies, I can't help but to smile a the prospect of more legendary anime series being released as CG features. And if they're looking for more to do after these two, I happen to have a suggestion!


Anonymous said...

I'd much rather see an Astro Boy sequel.

Ninjatron said...

It's not a matter of having one or the other. These are seperate projects that have nothing to do with Astro. In fact, I'd say we're lucky to get Harlock and Gaiking movies since the Astro movie, as much as we love it, didn't exactly perform well.