Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Batman - Tezuka Style

What if Osamu Tezuka drew Batman? Artist Ralph Cosentino bravely attempts to answer this potentially universe-exploding question by creating this image:

"This was another Warner Bros. project. They asked me to come up with a more friendlier, less brooding Batman style so I thought I’d try a style based on one of my favorite creators / artists, Osamu Tezuka."
Pretty cool! I'd watch it! It's a solid approximation of Tezuka's style. Really makes you wonder what Tezuka's take on some famous comic book characters would look like.


ConanThe3rd said...

Batman's eyes could do with a little more tweaking, they look a bit skewed.

Mozart said...

Robin= Dororo!

Conan94 said...

That is quite nicely done. The drawing still has the look of the original, but it does look "more friendlier, less brooding"