Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Old's Cool with Mike Toole

Make sure you check out The Mike Toole Show, a new column on Anime News Network that is set to feature some of the unique, obscure, classic, and forgotten gems that make Japanese Animation so awesome. The first edition is all about the first wave of black and white TV anime from the 1960's, starting with Astro Boy and moving on to other series that have little to no exposure outside Japan. Tezuka's Big X and Dororo get a mention as well, along with classics like Cyborg 009 and Sally the Witch. It's not only a very informative look at a chapter of anime history that is mostly unknown to English speakers, but it's incredibly entertaining as well.


F-Man said...

Ah yes, as soon as I saw Astro Boy on the front page of ANN, I knew I was going into something great. And Mike Toole is awesome. If you go into their video section, I suggest checking out his "Dubs That Time Forgot", not the new video, but the older ones, for a look at the Amazing Three.

Frankly I had no idea Big X even had a TV show. As for Dororo... Gosh I wish there was a fansub already! Might never happen I guess. At least there's the manga.