Friday, August 13, 2010

Scott Pilgrim and the Awesome T-Shirt

The new movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World opens in the US and Canada today! Go see it!

To celebrate, here's an image from the second volume of the Scott Pilgrim comic series that features Scott wearing an awesome and familiar shirt.

Creator Bryan Lee O’Malley is a noted Osamu Tezuka follower and the influence certainly shows in his work. This is a very cool tribute to the master.

UPDATE: An Astro Boy T-Shirt appears in the movie, in pretty much the exact same scene as it does in the comic. Now that's attention to detail! Also, the movie rocks!


Anonymous said...

Omg they actually have the T-shirt in the movie!? lol now that's sweet!

I saw trailers for the film, look pretty cool :3

Ninjatron said...

Yes, actually I have since seen a promo video online that has a brief shot of the shirt. I'll try to get a screen capture of it this week.

See Scott Pilgrim in theaters while you still have a chance. Whether you like it or not (and you probably will), it's totally unlike any other movie you'll ever see, and it's great to support new innovative films. I'm afraid it won't be around for long, so don't miss out. Waiting to discover it on DVD for the first time is just not going to be the same.