Monday, February 28, 2011

Any Hats Out There?

I got an e-mail recently from a reader named Jen who has a young son that is a big Astro Boy fan. Great to know that a new generation of fans is growing out there. Jen is looking to get an Astro Boy hat for her son, specifically requesting the red "Ministry of Science" hat that Toby wears in the movie.

I haven't had any luck in finding such a hat. The only Astro hat I was able to find is this freaky looking one shown below, and that doesn't seem to be available anymore.

 So I'm putting out the call for help with the hopes that somebody else out there will know something or be able to find an Astro Boy hat. It can be any hat at all as long as it's related to Astro Boy. I'm sure that Jen and her son will appreciate the help, but I'm also interested in seeing what might be out there just for curiosity's sake. If anyone finds anything, please post it here in the comments section.


F-Man said...

There are some on Yahoo Auctions from time to time, if you're willing to let an agent such as ship 'em to you. I doubt they ever have some based on the movie though.

Alittleacorn said...

There was a link on the offical Astro Boy website to merchandise. I remember because I was thinking of getting one of the shirts there.

Here are the caps, they're really sweet! =D

And here's the full page to look at the other Astro stuff.

If his son really wants a Toby's hat specifically, then he could always try getting it custom made somewhere. Think about it, people design outfits for anime conventions all the time. If he could find a simple red hat and someone good with a sewing machine then they could make it! =3 there's also the easier way of getting the pieces of fabric and steam pressing onto the cap at some shop...I think, it was a long time ago >.<

Anyways, there isn't much to the design other than the circles and the words, so it wouldn't be too hard to make is all I'm saying.