Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Old Colin Brady Interview

Old concept artAwhile back, when Colin Brady was still attached to direct the upcoming animated AstroBoy movie, Imagi Animation Studios' website had a very interesting and informative interview with him where he talked about his vision of the film. Included with the interview where a few pieces of concept artwork made for the film. After David Bowers replaced Colin Brady as director, the interview went offline, and thus so did the artwork.

However, with thanks to Hikari Tail from the AstroBoy Online Forums, I can now bring you segments of the interview and the artwork that was presented alongside it. These images are now available for posterity in the Animated Movie Image Gallery, and you can also see them by clicking the link below.

Click the thumnails to view the full size images.

Colin Brady Interview
Colin Brady Interview
Colin Brady Interview

Please understand that both this interview and these images may no longer represent what the film will end up being like. I've only posted them here for posterity's sake.

Here is another interesting interview with Colin from earlier this year, though AstroBoy is not mentioned.


felix ip said...

Hi Ninjatron, you know what? those black and white Astroboy images is my design for teaser....

Ninjatron said...

Ahh, so this is your artwork, Felix? It's very cool, and I think it should be on the web somehow even though Colin Brady isn't involved anymore.

Of course I would like to ask questions about what the teaser is exactly and how the final product will be different, but I'm sure most of that is still secret for now. :)