Monday, March 3, 2008

Freddie Highmore IS Astro

The Voice of AstroBoy has been unveild!

Freddie Highmore, the 16 year old British actor known for roles in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Finding Neverland", has been cast as AstroBoy in the upcoming 2009 CGI animated movie. He can currently be seen in "The Spiderwick Chronicles". No stranger to vocal performance, he's also lent his voice to "Arthur and the Invisibles" and "The Golden Compass".

Read the press release here.

This big news was released only a day or two before AstroBoy World was ready, but I figured since this was a major recent announcement it deserved its own post. I think Freddie is a great choice to play Astro. He's a talented young actor and I'm sure he'll bring both the childlike innocence and tough super hero qualitiy to the character. Feel free to post your own thoughts and cast speculation!


Anonymous said...

Freddie is the only reason that I even know what this film is, or even care to be honest (and I know it's that way with a lot of people)
I'll be seeing Astro Boy DEFINITELY! But........

Uh, cool site

Ninjatron said...

Well, it's good that you're become interested in this movie due to this actor's involvement, but understand that there are generations of people all over the world who are going to be excited about this film due to how beloved this character is.