Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Astro Boy Essays

This incredible book, written by Frederik L. Schodt and published by Stone Bridge Press, is absolutely a must read for any fan of Astro Boy and Osamu Tezuka. I have personally found it to be not only an invaluable reference tool but also an entertaining read in and of itself. The Astro Boy Essays is an eye opening look at the depth and importance of Osamu Tezuka's influence through the perspective of his most popular creation.

I could go on and write a thorough review on this book, and I have been meaning to do so, but Animated Views has said pretty much everything there is to say about it. Check out their Book Review of The Astro Boy Essays and if you're interested in purchasing a copy, please consider buying through the AstroBoy World Store to help support this website.


Guy said...

I heartily agree that "The Astro Boy Essays" is a "must read". I devoured it on a flight to the west coast last month and it was a quick, easy and fun read! (I plan to give copies to my Astro Boy fan friends for Christmas this year!) Although the book didn't answer all of the questions I've had about Astro Boy for many years, Mr. Schodt loaded my circuits with a fascinating history of Osamu Tezuka's extraordinary life and the legacy he bestowed to the world through the endearing characters that he created. How fortunate it was that Mr. Schodt was able to know this man so well. Many, many thanks to Mr. Schodt for helping Osamu Tezuka's and Astro Boy's English-speaking fans get to know them as well!