Sunday, August 31, 2008

Talking Tezuka with author Helen McCarthy

Just in time for the Osamu Tezuka Film Fest about to hit Jolly ol' England this September at The Barbican, UK based website Eye on Anime brings us an interview with Helen McCarthy, the noted author who is responsible for making the screenings happen. Here's a clip:

I'm really delighted that it's all worked out. We have an exhibition coming direct from Tezuka's own studio, Tezuka Productions, that not only gives an overview of his work but sets it in the context of the development of Japan's anime and manga industries. We've got screenings of material that has never been seen in the UK before, and even a couple of titles that have never been screened outside Japan before. There are a few real rarities, like Tezuka's own Lion Books episodes and the film Rintaro made for the Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka. There's a strong focus on TV with episodes of seven TV series plus all three of the TV specials he made for Japanese TV. There's even documentary footage of Tezuka himself.
Check out the entire interview on Eye On Anime.

I am so jealous of fans in the UK right now. Seriously.