Friday, August 15, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: George Takei cast in Astro Boy Movie

AstroBoy World Reader Guy brings us this scoop.

At a recent Star Trek convention in Baltimore, George Takei, the actor known to legions of fans as Sulu, said that he has recorded a role for the upcoming Astro Boy CG Animated movie from Imagi. Here's what Guy had to say about his encounter.

The day I met Mr. Takei I was wearing an Astro Boy shirt and I wondered if he would comment on it. When I stepped up he saw my shirt and enthusiastically exclaimed "Astro Boy! You know, they're doing an Astro Boy movie?" I answered "Yes, I've heard this for years. I'm afraid it will never happen." Mr. Takei replied "Well, it's going to happen soon because I just did a voice part for it!"
There have been no official announcements yet, nor is there any word on which character he will play, so there is no telling if his part will be in the final film. But everyone who knows Mr. Takei's work can agree that he's got an awesome voice and is certainly a welcome addition to the cast.

I'll update the cast list if and when this news is confirmed, but for now I think it's safe to assume to be true. Big time thanks to Guy for sharing!