Saturday, March 21, 2009

I guess I have to write about "Twilight"

Never thought I'd have to do this, but here we are.

The DVD of the film version of "Twilight", the apparently popular, somewhat vampire-esque story, is now available in North America.

I'm sure you're all so excited!

But why am I posting about this here? Well, Astro Boy is listed as one of the previews included in this release. The upcoming CG animated film from Imagi is being distributed by Summit Entertainment, which also distributes Twilight.

So, now when you buy or rent your sparkly copy of Twilight so you can have a slumber party and gossip about the Jonas Brothers or whatever it is you kids do these days, you can watch a preview for Astro Boy too. It might just be the best thing you see for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Very well said. lol :]

Anonymous said...

I love Tezuka Osamu. He is truly amazing. Heh.

Twilight is pretty awful. (Although I must say, you did a good job spiffing up the poster, lol)