Monday, March 16, 2009

JUSTICE Returns!

Here is some artwork I did a few months ago as a sequel to my "Justice League of Anime" piece, this time using my own composition. Of course, Astro appears with other famous anime characters as my own interpretation of the classic super hero team concept!

ANIME JUSTICE LEAGUE RETURNS by ~ninjatron on deviantART

Please leave your comments if you like it, and check out my original Justice League of Anime artwork if you haven't seen it already.

Due to popular demand, I will be drawing an Anime Injustice Gang piece as well some day, and I'm looking for suggestions as to which evil anime characters you'd like to see! Read my deviantART Journal post for more info.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! Well done. I like the concept.

felix ip said...

cool! interesting concept. who will you pick for the leader? :)

Ninjatron said...

In the Justice League cartoon from Warner Bros., the creators did not intend for any one character to be a leader. But J'onn J'onzz The Martian Manhunter was the one who brought the heroes together and coordinated them, and I see Captain Harlock being the one to fill that role on my team.


Mutant_Sabu said...

Well... Lupin III is not exactly a hero, don´t you think? And it´s strange to see Joe as part of a Team, because, in his own series, he is part of a another team... if he´s in it, why the other cyborgs no? Maybe Kamen Rider or Mutant Sabu will be a better choice to represent Ishinomori Shotaro´s hero.

Ninjatron said...

Lupin is not really a hero, but neither is Harlock when you get right down to it. If the government was corrupt though, who are the heroes then? If Harlock was to put together a team, of course one of the first guys he contacts would be a scoundrel just like him.
009 has speed powers, like the Flash, so the choice was obvious. Just about everyone else has teammates and their own cast of characters, but this Justice League would be something else they could be involved in, just like how Batman has both his own group with Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, etc, and is also a member of the Justice League.