Saturday, May 2, 2009

Astro Movie Comics now up for Pre-Order!

IDW is rolling out brand new comics based on the upcoming CG animated Astro Boy movie, and now we've got a look at the covers of the collected versions, now available for pre-order on They are set for release on September 29. Let's take a look at the artwork that will be gracing the covers!

Here is the cover image of The Movie Prequel: Underground. It is written by Scott Tipton and drawn by Diego Jourdan, with the cover artwork shown here painted by Ashley Wood.

And here is the cover to The Movie Adaptation. It is also written by Scott Tipton and drawn by E.J. Su, though this cover artwork looks like it's by Diego Jourdan.

I wonder if the cover art is going to stay this way. It seems odd to have Diego's art as the cover to E.J.'s book but not his own book. Perhaps it is just temporary, or perhaps this is the way the company wants it. Diego, E.J., can either of you two gents shed some light on this?

Major thanks go out to the ever-adorable AstroBoyGF from the Astroboy Online forums, who brought these Amazon listings to my attention.

If you're interested in ordering these books, please consider using the Amazon links below, as doing so will help to support the further development of AstroBoy World!


Unknown said...

I am not entirely sure what's going on, but I did drawn covers for the Movie Adaptation. I was initially scheduled to work on the prequel, so I can imagine that Diego's cover was created before we switch projects.