Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breakfast with Imagi

At the San Diego Comic Con, those cool cats at Toon Zone got a chance to sit down with Astro Boy movie director David Bowers, producer Maryann Garger, and production manager Tony Matthews for a special Imagi breakfast.

In the article, there is some discussion on the film's production, including the film's current status and some of the voice acting. It is revealed that David Bowers himself is in the film as the voice of a refrigerator. Osamu Tezuka's son Makoto has seen the Astro Boy movie and is very happy with it.

Also, Gatcha-fans will be happy to note that the Gatchaman movie is still moving forward for a first quarter 2011 release, and an announcement about this long-anticipated film will be made soon.

You can read "San Diego Comic-Con 2009: IMAGI Convention Breakfast" on Toon Zone.