Sunday, July 26, 2009

Video Coverage from Comic Con

I managed to track down these videos covering the Astro Boy movie related events from this year's San Deigo Comic Con. You can click on the links for accompanying articles.

Here's an interview from Wired with Kristen Bell speaking about the emotion of the film.

And here's a brief discussion with Kristen Bell and Freddie Highmore from Entertainment Weekly, though the guy doing the interview barely asks them anything about the Astro Boy movie at all. Really ace reporting there, chief.

And here's IGN talking with Kristen Bell.

I found some video clips recorded during the Astro Boy panel on Thursday, but they were mostly just Kristen Bell talking about other things, so I'm not linking them. In fact, most of the video reporting I've seen thus far has been more about Kristen Bell and less about the actual movie she's promoting. I know she's hot and all guys. I'm with you on that. But let's stick to the task at hand a little bit more, hmm?