Friday, July 31, 2009

Even more Comic Con Interviews.

I've discovered 3 more Astro Boy movie interviews from Comic Con, courtesy of Movie Jungle. These are text only, so there's no video this time, but they each go into a fair bit of detail. Here are some samples of each.

Kristen Bell speaks on how the film starts and the role of robots.

"The introduction is about robots and how they work for us and we’re happy with them but don’t get too close with them because they work for us and the idea of sort of second class citizens and not being as nice as you always should and that things are disposable. Then Astro comes into the picture and he has every human emotion but he’s a robot and everything turns chaotic because people think ‘what do we do with that?’ and I think the movie’s just about using your heart and your gut treat people how they deserve to be treated."
Read the whole interview here.

Freddie Highmore on recording alone in the studio.
"You know, getting over being self-conscious in a studio when you’re acting, when you’re lending your voice to something. If you’re really upset you’ve gotta be crying in the studio. I think people can really tell if you try fake your voice. So definitely you give it your all in the studio. It can be quite challenging when other people aren’t in the room. I think that David did an amazing job in matching us all up and letting us know where other people are going in a certain scene so that in the end people said Kristen and I had great chemistry, even though we’d never met."
Read the whole interview here.

Director David Bowers on working with the writer, Timothy Harris.
"It was great. You know I came onto the movie. It had to be done really quickly. I wrote the outline fairly swiftly in about a week. It was a little bit of a difficult thing to do. Then we started looking around for writers and Tim was recommended by a good friend of mine, a writer I worked with before and when we met we just hit it off. Tim took the outline, worked on it, sent it back, I’d do some scenes and he’d do some scenes but it was very relaxed it was very chill. Tim’s an enormously talented man. Very smart, very funny. It was great."
Read the whole interview here.